Direct Mail Leads

When it comes to quality customers, no medium delivers like direct mail. BarNone gives you unparalleled flexibility and control over your lead generation programs. Utilizing proprietary technology and a strategic relationship with the Credit Bureaus, BarNone generates your lists "real time" from active credit files within your specified parameters. If you're looking for extraordinary lead quality, BarNone direct mail programs produce the results you expect with every mail drop.

With Direct Mail Media Solutions, BarNone takes the uncertainty out of the buyer's profile and delivers high quality leads directly to your dealership. Your sales professionals will be equipped with the industry's best tools to reach the next level.

Direct Mail Media Solutions product features:

  • BarNone identifies the specific buyers you seek with our proprietary technology and strategic relationship with major credit bureaus and analytics companies.
  • Precise customer targeting for firm offers of credit, or an invitation to apply, with individually tailored messages designed to attract a rapid response and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Unique zip code response analysis & designated 800#s mean that you get all of the customer referrals for which you've paid.
  • Live operators available 24/7 to obtain a full credit application and credit report on each responding customer.
  • Appointment setting puts the customer in your showroom.

The Result: BarNone direct mail programs produce the results you expect with each mail drop…delivering pre-qualified and ready to buy customers to your dealership.

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