Television Leads

Generating over one million customers a year, BarNone offers the industry's most effective television advertising programs. Combine BarNone's co-op buying power along with our celebrity endorsements, dazzling creative and professional media management to impact your marketing area at a fraction of the cost of your advertising and local TV.

In the competitive automotive sales market, going above and beyond traditional lead generation programs can catapult your business to the next level of success. BarNone provides that competitive edge with the Television Media Solutions package, an extensive marketing campaign specifically for dealers with robust Special Finance Divisions.

BarNone's Television Media Solution campaigns offer the following benefits:

  • Specifically designed for dealers requiring high volumes of qualified leads.
  • Credit screens all leads - taking the uncertainty out of the client profile.
  • Live operators 24/7 to assist with customer credit application and appointment setting.
  • Co-op with other geographically located dealers to increase spend value and expand reach.
  • Provide sales professionals with ready-to-buy customers allowing them to maximize their sales potential.

The result is measured in incremental profits to your dealership via leveraged buying power and broader reach from a new or supplemental advertising channel.

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